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Thanks for checking Gavin and your confirmation Lainy.

I'll join and send her a message.



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Just wondering if the young woman on this site is here on the cc site:

http://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/ … _id=247204

if not, is anyone a member of the other site, who can send her a message?  -- sounds like she could sure use the cc family.

If not, I'll join the other site and point her in this direction.

Thank you!



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That's beautiful Lainy --

Happy day of wonderfulness!




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Yes, very moving to see this. I've had a hard time figuring out where exactly in Paris this took place. Having been there this summer I'm of course curious to know.


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Just the laugh I needed this evening. Thanks for your jokes! :-)


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Hi Sammie, my hubby faded from my life very quickly -- only two months from a hearty 58 to  diagnosed and going through what your father is now experiencing.
I was in shock and I think he was also initially. We didn't talk about his dying; I felt I would betray him to admit defeat. I wish now that we had. I think there came a point where he had faced it, but probably felt I couldn't face it. My husband was always an optimist.
At any rate, he came home and died at home, and today I cherish the room. It's like a door opening into heaven for me.
To each their own though. Everyone must look at their own preferences and choose what is best for them and their family. Follow your heart.
I'm sorry for the pain you are going through.


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Pat, thank you for taking the time to share how you learned your diagnosis and how your treatment progressed. It's wonderful that you've overcome so many challenges, both physically and mentally, as you point out. I applaud your courage and pray you remain cc-free. Thank you again for generously sharing with us. Margaret

Love Teddy's sense of humor in sending a text. Makes perfect sense he'd choose a funny and highly unlikely way to say hi!
So sorry Lainy that you are missing him so much right now. Yes a good cry is sometimes the only answer. You are much more experienced than me on this score, but I do believe the dark hours come right before the dawn. Be looking for some brighter than usual rays of sunshine. I know you know that Teddy won't let you down, so he must have something in store for you that is very special. I just don't doubt that.

Oh geeze. Just the laugh I needed tonight!

Yes you did send me the list Lainy. I love the text msg.! Was Teddy a techie? I find John surprises me with humor. Which was just like him. Unpredictable and full of surprises in a good way.

To Lainy and others who get messages from their loved ones, just wanted to mention that I was blessed with seeing two falling stars on Christmas night.

Anyone else receive a particularly heartwarming message over the holidays from their loved one? Hope so ....



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There are many of us not familiar with your journey from diagnosis. In a nutshell, would you mind telling us how you discovered your cc, what stage it was, the treatment you had? If that's too much to explain, just please accept my hearty hooray for you reaching this wonderful milestone. We all look forward to the day when everyone can beat this cancer the way you have.


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Duke, I'm Saying prayers for better numbers next week.  Your cheerleading team is much larger than you imagine -- you have many many of us on this forum who quietly care about you and the others fighting cc.


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I hope those men realize how lucky they are to have such a gem on their site Lainy. With Teddy and the Good Lord looking out for you, you are in good hands.


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What a wonderful revelation for you from that experience. I am taking your wise words to heart Lainy.  Thank you for your encouragement!


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To all you dear ladies,
Nancy I am so sorry for what you are enduring. And you also Shellina. Wonderful that you carried through with your lobster and crab tradition!

It is so tough making it through the holdays. I just made it through my second round of holidays since my husband died in October 2013 from cc.
It has been such a different experience from the first. Sad, yes. But I realize now how much shock I must have been in because I don't even remember getting through it last year. Don't know if it has been that way for you also.
My 13-year old really brought it home for me when she told me she really liked Christmas so much better this year because last year I just drove the kids to the stores and had them pick out their own presents. I don't even recall doing that!

I send up prayers for you and all others here for healing and comfort.

Haven't checked in for awhile, but just want to say to Lainey that your poems continue to bring comfort and inspiration for me. They are always right on the mark and so beautiful, so I always enjoy them, and appreciate your wisdom. Praying you'll get some relief from your health issues. (Have to mention too that my John contacts me by leaving feathers for me. They always show up when I'm most in need!)

Wishing warmth for you Darla up there in The  frozen north!

I hope for Nancy and Shellina much comfort. God bless!


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Dear Carl, your post really captures the feelings a spouse has when they are left behind. You describe so eloquently the raw and unceasing pain.

It's been a little over a year for me now. I can tell you that you do start to learn how to live with the pain.

And I believe Darla when she says it gets better, although I have not yet seen that for myself. And I believe Lainy when she says that life is for the living, although I haven't felt that yet either. But their experience gives me hope.

Yes we carry on for our children, but it can seem impossible some days.

It's wise of you to come back to the cc family/ forum now and again. Yes it's painful to remember the suffering and loss of your beloved, but those who have traveled this path before us offer much hope and wisdom and comfort. For that I am grateful.

To those who still have their loved one with them, I will say my biggest regret is that while my husband was still alive his illness moved so quickly we didn't have the chance to talk about our life together after this earthly one. I really yearn to know what he would have told me. I believe in the signs, and do see them.

Carl, for now don't think of big chunks of time. Sometimes it will be all you can do to Just think about breathing. That's an accomplishment.  just hang on second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Before long you'll find you have stretched that to a day, then a week, then a month. You will feel better. As Lainy mentioned, if you are spiritually inclined, cling to that for dear life and it will help. Lean on others for now.
I am so sorry for your loss. Know that many are thinking of you and wishing you comfort.

Duke,  I have to agree with Lainy about the need for action.

That was not appropriate patient care. When I think of all the good that comes from the support and exchange of experience and ideas on this forum, I can't imagine any of us being better off without it.

I have learned more about my husband's disease from reading this forum than I ever learned from the medical community in the two months he was treated by them. I appreciated their care and concern, but there is a lack and patient knowledge is critical.

Again, so sorry you had to put up with his ignorant remarks.


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Wonderful news Lainy! Have fun!

Duke, in reference to your concern, if it's any consolation, my husband remained his same kind self throughout his time. Courage and bravery are the words that always come to my mind when I think of my husbands amazing and ceaseless fight. Take heart.
Wishing you many more Christmases.

Dear Kevin, my deepest sympathy. I'm sorry you've had to suffer this ordeal. Like others, I too have a similar story in that my husband was only two months from first visit to doctor to death.

It truly is as though your loved one has died suddenly in a tragic and horrific accident. It is haunting. My husband died 13.5 months ago and I still relive many of his toughest moments. It is getting better but it's slow going.

His courage and bravery in the face of this disease will always be with me too. As Lainy said, it does get better, but it's hard to believe that now.

Thank goodness advances are being made.

I'm so sorry. Condolences to you and your family.

Sorry Duke. This just seems cruel.

Thanks for sharing this with us Lainey. Always enjoy hearing your fond memories of Teddy.

Sorry to be chiming in so late after the fact but I lost my password and only today had time to get it reset!  I know, that's lame. But me and passwords have a real love- hate relationship.



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I got nothing, other than to say that both these Surgery stories really cracked me up!


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Hi Friends,

Before the holiday wind-up begins, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

I am grateful for all the support, knowledge, experience and caring that is shared here. Oh, and the jokes too! :-)

Take care everyone as you travel, and my prayers are with those who are fighting cc: and their families.

Blessings to all!