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I read every word of your description of COPD, not having been aware or familiar with it. No need to apologize -- a very personal statement of what the reality of the disease is. So thank you.

Thanks Duke for bringing up Leonard Nimoy's passing. Yesterday as I went through the day it was surprising at how many people commented on his death -- he touched many lives in a way that we all appreciated so much.

Duke - Have also pondered many times your "favorite male vocalist" post from awhile back. I have so many, I never did chime in. Here's the short list:

Joe Cocker (recently died)
Bob Dylan
Sonny Terry, Brownie McGee ( hope I got that right)
Michael Jackson
Yes, Sinatra
But also Bing Crosby
Nat King Cole
Jim Morrison
Justin Hayward, Moody Blues
Leonard Cohen,
Roy Orbison
Harry Belafonte
This list is getting way too long
And isn't that guy wonderful who sang the "Take me to Church" song that was also played on the Grammy's? He has a wonderful voice. The video is very sad. Hope we hear more from him.

Yes -- what a great way to explain that -- transcends time and place.

I hope you and Maria will get the sweet Valentine surprise you are hoping for Lainy. Keep us posted.

Congratulations Iowagirl. That was a big step.

You and your son must have a great relationship for him to feel he could speak the truth to you.

So happy for you!

I also like the idea of the new box.



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Thanks Lainy!


Thank you Lainy.

I believe.

Sounds crazy, I know, but I talk to John all the time. (Well, probly more like "whine" all the time -- usually I'm asking him for help and guidance with whatever challenge I'm struggling with!)

His old/earthly life ended, but he lives on in a different place/form/way.

I can't explain it. I don't understand it. But I know it.

Happy Valentine's Day Lainy!



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Hi Duke and Lainy,

Glad you understand what I mean. yes I must remember that people do mean well.

You are right Duke. I would have thought it was crazy too til I saw it for  myself.  Kind of like trying to explain the sensation of color tv to someone who knows only radio.

But I had to get to a certain place with grief, where it was like a pair of familiar pajamas instead of a barrier, to really open up to this.

So true Lainy when you say they can't heal us but do immerse us in comfort. I know John also tries to give me guidance I ask for but I've told him he really needs to make it a little more obvious for me sometimes!



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Thanks Lainy. You're sweet.

yes, I feel my hubby's comforting presence also when I'm having a tough time.  I'm glad you could feel Teddy with you for the tooth ordeal.

I tried to explain this to someone recently and they said "what a great attitude."

I left it at that -- figured it wouldn't make sense to explain it's not an attitude, but rather a broader comprehension of reality!


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Hi Sammi,

I can understand your feelings. I have to say my husband's funeral felt so wrong -- why were we having this service/reception when he wasn't even there to be part of it? It was an out-of-body experience for me.

I too felt like my husband was gone and the world seemed so foreign and wrong to me without him.

It wasn't until I'd gotten more accustomed to my sadness and my grief, that those feelings began to morph into something else -- I began to "feel" my husband's presence with me always.

Lainy has said it very well.

I'm sorry.



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Just want to say thank you for relating the history of your cc. I'm so glad you were able to have the surgery and that it was successful.

So sorry that you're having to face the crazy comments that people make, and unfortunately there will most certainly be more. Hopefully having the friendship of your extended family here on the forum will help you get through that.

The beauty of this place is you can always keep it real, there''s no need to sugarcoat your feelings and you can be frank about what you're going through. All of us have experienced to some degree or in some fashion what you're going through, so we won't be surprised or shattered.

So sorry that you have this cancer, but so glad that you've made your way here.



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I'm sorry you are going through this and that you even have to deal with this.

What a relief to see that you've made it over here and posted to the forum -- so many wonderful people here with information to share, and support and caring to give.

Stay strong and absorb all the helpful information here that you can. ~ This is a very caring family.



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Thanks for checking Gavin and your confirmation Lainy.

I'll join and send her a message.


Just wondering if the young woman on this site is here on the cc site:

http://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/ … _id=247204

if not, is anyone a member of the other site, who can send her a message?  -- sounds like she could sure use the cc family.

If not, I'll join the other site and point her in this direction.

Thank you!



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That's beautiful Lainy --

Happy day of wonderfulness!




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Yes, very moving to see this. I've had a hard time figuring out where exactly in Paris this took place. Having been there this summer I'm of course curious to know.


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Just the laugh I needed this evening. Thanks for your jokes! :-)


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Hi Sammie, my hubby faded from my life very quickly -- only two months from a hearty 58 to  diagnosed and going through what your father is now experiencing.
I was in shock and I think he was also initially. We didn't talk about his dying; I felt I would betray him to admit defeat. I wish now that we had. I think there came a point where he had faced it, but probably felt I couldn't face it. My husband was always an optimist.
At any rate, he came home and died at home, and today I cherish the room. It's like a door opening into heaven for me.
To each their own though. Everyone must look at their own preferences and choose what is best for them and their family. Follow your heart.
I'm sorry for the pain you are going through.


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Pat, thank you for taking the time to share how you learned your diagnosis and how your treatment progressed. It's wonderful that you've overcome so many challenges, both physically and mentally, as you point out. I applaud your courage and pray you remain cc-free. Thank you again for generously sharing with us. Margaret

Love Teddy's sense of humor in sending a text. Makes perfect sense he'd choose a funny and highly unlikely way to say hi!
So sorry Lainy that you are missing him so much right now. Yes a good cry is sometimes the only answer. You are much more experienced than me on this score, but I do believe the dark hours come right before the dawn. Be looking for some brighter than usual rays of sunshine. I know you know that Teddy won't let you down, so he must have something in store for you that is very special. I just don't doubt that.


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Oh geeze. Just the laugh I needed tonight!

Yes you did send me the list Lainy. I love the text msg.! Was Teddy a techie? I find John surprises me with humor. Which was just like him. Unpredictable and full of surprises in a good way.

To Lainy and others who get messages from their loved ones, just wanted to mention that I was blessed with seeing two falling stars on Christmas night.

Anyone else receive a particularly heartwarming message over the holidays from their loved one? Hope so ....



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There are many of us not familiar with your journey from diagnosis. In a nutshell, would you mind telling us how you discovered your cc, what stage it was, the treatment you had? If that's too much to explain, just please accept my hearty hooray for you reaching this wonderful milestone. We all look forward to the day when everyone can beat this cancer the way you have.


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Duke, I'm Saying prayers for better numbers next week.  Your cheerleading team is much larger than you imagine -- you have many many of us on this forum who quietly care about you and the others fighting cc.


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I hope those men realize how lucky they are to have such a gem on their site Lainy. With Teddy and the Good Lord looking out for you, you are in good hands.


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What a wonderful revelation for you from that experience. I am taking your wise words to heart Lainy.  Thank you for your encouragement!