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So sorry for your loss, may the memories you had stay forever in your heart and mind.


Thank you all, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  I was able to spend with my mom and family all together, she said that was the best present.

Lainy, she was diagnosed Stage 4, has a large tumor on the lower rear of her liver.  The cancer is also in her peritoneal cavity.

She was doing so great with chemo and unfortunately the past two treatments she has had reactions to and doctor will be looking this week to see about changing up or what is going on. 

Again, thank you all and I look forward to the discussions and hoping we all can help and support each other and find out how to help this disease go away!


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I am just joining and somewhat surprised at the lack of discussion on this.  I have been so frustrated with my mother physicians about their approach and guidance on her nutrition.  She has basically been told she can have whatever she wants as long as she wants it. She has taken this as the doctors feel there is nothing more they can do, so why not enjoy. Luckily she has not taken this approach.  I have been pushing as hard as I can to get her diet in a better place.  She has cut out a lot of processed foods and gone more whole, also juicing a lot, and she says she feels better.  Also, exercise , which she hasn't really done in the past 20 years (she is 65)
I know there is so much to learn on this subject and how it can affect CC.  I am working to change my diet as well ( still like sugar)

Carl, you have obviously been researching a lot and hope to find out more.  Any more ideas?

I have been debating on joining the discussions and site.  As you all know the overwhelming emotions just take a toll sometimes.
My mother was diagnosed with CC in March with an unknown primary.  Surgery was not and is not still an option.  We have been to 4 different centers for opinions and options.  She has been on chemo (Gemzar/Cisplatin) since May and fortunately has responded well.  My brain is in such a fog and don't know all her numbers right now.
I have been trying to be strong for her and still manage my own family (3 young girls).  I also have asked her to join the site in hoping to be able to discuss with others all that she is going through and those who can relate.  She hasn't yet, but maybe soon.

The amazing part though is she is still here and fighting.  She has made it past what doctors thought. 

I wish all those going through this many blessings