304 Gemzar -

by speppers12

307 New to Chemo

by Laurkcp

311 My husband is so sick

by TeamMarjen-Jenny

312 No symptoms/side effects

by Adanclaudia

313 www.chemoregimen.com

by PCL1029

314 changing chemos

by dmj4ctj

316 xeloda-oxiliplatin

by sallypa

318 Low Blood Count again

by pak001

319 Gemzar/Xeloda combination

by dmj4ctj

320 ThermoDox

by Gavin

322 PET/CAT scan next Thursday

by lisacraine

327 Side Effects

by kris00j

329 Would it work?

by jmgrisolia

330 New chemo, at least to us

by mydadrocks