331 www.chemoregimen.com

by PCL1029

332 changing chemos

by dmj4ctj

334 xeloda-oxiliplatin

by sallypa

336 Low Blood Count again

by pak001

337 Gemzar/Xeloda combination

by dmj4ctj

338 ThermoDox

by Gavin

340 PET/CAT scan next Thursday

by lisacraine

345 Side Effects

by kris00j

347 Would it work?

by jmgrisolia

348 New chemo, at least to us

by mydadrocks

349 Chemotherapy Treatment Sticker Shock!

by cholangiocaretaker

350 Chemotherapy and Itching

by summergirl

359 chemo and CA 19-9, etc.

by mydadrocks

360 How to know chemo has worked?

by jmgrisolia