271 In sadness

by DianeC

273 Lost the battle

by Kara

274 my mom slipped away

by tiapatty

276 Barb - The Commander -

by marions

277 Mom passed away

by daastorr

281 Still can't believe he's gone

by steve'sgirl

282 Lost the battle

by grafsj

283 mum

by jilly

284 Still can't believe he's gone

by steve'sgirl

285 My father

by beaglesews

286 Val Wilson

by pderat

287 Thomas Chase

by michele

289 Alan Gersekowski

by jenny

290 Thomas J. Young

by staciec

292 Patricia Martin

by swmartin

293 My beautiful friend

by katpick

294 My wonderful mother

by manu

295 Kathleen Foley

by bill

296 John C. Arends 01/26/2008

by Tiffany

297 My best friend, my husband

by TheMacks

298 Joan Allen

by Chris

299 Joyce Moneypenny

by Missing U

300 Philip McClelland

by pmfpa