61 My husband has passed

by dmj4ctj

62 Video of Love

by Notdoneyet

64 Miss my best friend

by MaxNErma

65 for my George

by LynnD

66 In The Stars Now

by clarem

69 My sweet loving soulmate.

by Rendawgswif

70 All Done

by Notdoneyet

71 a comforting thought......

by Cherbourg

72 Daddy

by Adanclaudia

74 2-13-13

by Formydad

75 Endgame

by Marcos

76 Happy Birthday

by LynnD

77 I'm still hurting

by orlysud

78 I miss you, Mom!

by dannigirl75


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81 Wanted to share

by LynnD

82 3 Years Ago Today

by Gavin

85 Scott Gallaway

by marions

86 A visit from dad today

by inmemoryofdad

88 My daddy

by goodheartedmommy

89 A Welcome Visit

by Lalupes

90 About Trevor Bougill

by PCL1029