61 3years today

by Andie

62 My Mother Mary RIP

by ilias

64 Dad

by Gavin

65 Finding the strength.

by clarem

67 Happy Birthday Mamma

by dee999

70 My husband has passed.

by Cristerry

71 My Mom

by ChristineD

72 RIP mother

by ghannam80

75 A year ago today

by clarem

76 With A Sad Heart

by Lainy

80 my dad

by Kathy

81 Sweet Al

by Gigi76

83 RIP Grover

by SHardy

84 Happy Birthday

by clarem

86 Remembering My Dad

by angiem

87 Remembering Lauren

by Pamela

89 My Mom

by pak001

90 One year ago

by jmgrisolia