91 2-13-13

by Formydad

92 Endgame

by Marcos

93 Happy Birthday

by LynnD

94 I'm still hurting

by orlysud

95 I miss you, Mom!

by dannigirl75


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98 Wanted to share

by LynnD

99 3 Years Ago Today

by Gavin

102 Scott Gallaway

by marions

103 A visit from dad today

by inmemoryofdad

105 My daddy

by goodheartedmommy

106 A Welcome Visit

by Lalupes

107 About Trevor Bougill

by PCL1029

108 My mother passed yesterday

by melissapalma

110 lost my mama after 10 month battle

by hopefuldaughter

111 My beautiful mom passed yesterday

by pleasehelpmom

112 Doug Jensen

by Nancy246

114 I'm missing Ed terribly

by Ed's family

118 Lost my husband to this

by topcatj

119 Mr. Jim Wilde

by tiff1496