211 Can it be ten years ....

by helenmorement

212 After 11 years.........

by jenabecnel

213 Teddy

by blewsbabie

214 Loving Wayne

by missingwayne

215 Melanie Lodge

by raye

217 Remember dad today...

by Bazel

218 Arpi's struggle

by yoozhoo

219 Roy Bingham

by Rick.Kamp

220 fallen and can't get up

by missingwayne

221 The goodbye you deserved

by Melissa

223 I'm all alone

by missingwayne

224 Chris LeDoux

by Bazel

225 My Boy

by Betht

229 Happy Birthday to my DARLING!!!!

by missingwayne

230 Seeking therapy

by missingwayne

232 Mom passed away on April 5th

by scraggles

234 The love of my live....is gone

by BriansWife

235 3 months to long

by missingwayne

236 I lost my mum a year ago

by englishgirl

239 It's been a year...

by Cherbourg

240 Gone But not Forgotten

by MelissaAnn