242 Dad

by michelle432

244 mommy

by Peanut

245 Missing My Husband

by Darla

246 Johnny Ur

by tanoland

247 Happy Birthday, Dad!

by stanvq

248 Julia Parrett

by amylea

249 My Dad gone but never forgotten

by Katieloumatt

250 good bye to my mom

by carrieann

251 my mom

by Peanut

252 11/2 yrs later

by marilyn dietz

253 Missing my hubby

by LuLuu

255 Dad Is At Peace

by Asher47

256 For you, Dad

by daddysgirl

257 My Mom

by booklover

258 Jeff's memorial video

by stacie

260 my husband passed

by deborahjill

261 My Mom, Ann

by amy191

263 Happy Father's Day Daddy

by brookerp

266 Message to you from Jeff

by stacie

267 My mom and dad are gone

by Natasha

268 Charlie's Memorial Video

by carol58