61 Merry Christmas to all

by sharonlee

64 0-6 in Buffalo

by DukeNukem

65 Romance is Back

by Lainy

67 Tis the Season

by Iowagirl

69 Frustration-

by Dakotabeann

71 True story

by DukeNukem

72 Gavin and Duke

by Lainy

73 Enlightening

by DukeNukem

75 Scottish Ballad- James Taylor

by middlesister1

76 A nugget

by DukeNukem

77 Happy St Andrews Day!

by Gavin

78 Travel to Great Britain

by DukeNukem


by Lainy

83 Life Lessons

by DukeNukem

84 Just Plan Funny

by kvolland

85 Happy Thanksgiving

by okansas

86 Easy Come Easy GO

by Lainy

88 How about dem Bears?

by DukeNukem

90 YES It Can Happen

by Lainy    Pages 1 2