871 White Feathers

by Andie

872 Bad Luck is?

by marions

874 Happy Birthday, Gavin!!

by Lalupes

875 Michael Buble

by Andie

877 Teddy Sealed the Deal

by Lainy

879 Are you picky?

by marions

880 Autumn must be here!

by Gavin

881 Tee-Shirts

by ronidinkes

882 Off on my holidays!

by Gavin

884 Hurricane wishes.....

by Cherbourg

886 Phrase for the day

by marions

887 Jim Cronin

by ScottsMum

888 Sisters & Goddaughters

by Lalupes

890 Prayer heals, study finds

by mlidoudou

891 Windows 7, any tips?

by marions

892 Lainy & Teddy

by Darla

894 Wedding frustration

by claude1

897 The green gas cloud

by devoncat

898 What a Week! Crazy Week!

by Christine4

899 Dear Marion

by Snezzie

900 Feeling alone

by minnie305