482 Breast Cancer Walk Story

by scragots

483 Keeping spirits up...

by scragots

484 Supplements?

by rook13

485 4 years doing great

by margie

487 gemzar and cisplatin together

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489 Mom

by amylea

491 now cancer

by moon

494 More good news....

by marylloyd

495 More good news

by michmcd

497 Bone Scan Good News

by michmcd

498 he is doing so fine

by moon

499 Stents Replaced

by michmcd

500 Teddy Update

by Lainy

501 My liver is a happy duck

by devoncat

502 Scan today

by Lisa

503 Clear Scans

by Suzannegm

504 I got chemo and good news

by devoncat

506 Good news today!!!!!!

by Jean

509 Recovering ahead of schedule

by Suzannegm

510 Oxaliplatin/xeloda

by jsratlanta