181 Two years since diagnosis

by sharimay

182 Seen Dr. Javle today

by tiff1496

183 Hurray

by crissie

184 CA 19-9 is normal!

by kris00j

185 4 years cancer free!!

by jathy1125

186 The "S" Word

by Scheitrumc

188 Update from NIH trial

by mbachini

189 Stable!

by SW55

190 Stable on trial drug

by kris00j

192 My new onc

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194 On to new stuff

by Cathy1024

195 Good News

by lisacraine

196 Another PET down

by tiff1496

197 Still stable!

by LindaR

198 Clean scan

by eli

199 clean scan

by wallsm1

200 My Dad's Surgery Today

by rgreen50

201 Scan showed improvement

by Cathy1024

202 NIH trial update

by mbachini

203 Good news today

by lisacraine

205 Been a while... but good news anyway!

by HamptonSarasota

206 mitomycin

by i3carats@yahoo.com

207 Great news

by Laurkcp

208 Clinical Trials

by LauraMartin

209 Good News!!!

by Tammy

210 NIH trial - still working!

by mbachini