63 aloxi

by pak001

64 Slowed Peristalsis

by trevjax25

65 Stomatitis

by lourdesalicia

66 After radiation issues

by pak001

67 Non-stop tiredness, always sleeping

by cholangiocaretaker

68 Anosmia / parosmia?

by cholangiocaretaker

69 nausea

by pak001

71 Anemia

by wallsm1

73 Effects of compazine

by Pamela

74 zoloft and pruritus

by betsy

75 Beta Hydroxide, etc (HMB)

by sharonlee

76 Is Tylenol bad or good?

by walkingthepath

77 Nausea and Vomiting

by marions

79 Low white cells blood count

by sharonlee

81 Acupuncture/nausea

by Maria

82 Hair Loss

by Jilly49

83 chills

by tflory