123 aortic stenosis

by raylogu

124 dark stool

by raylogu

125 Anti-Nausea Drugs

by kellylester

129 Xeloda face flush

by Linda Z

131 Not eating well

by MMendez

132 Erbitux rash

by Barbara

133 Chemo and Dental Health

by gtm2009

136 scalp pain

by devoncat

137 Cold Nose & Clammy Skin

by Lalupes

139 itching relief

by betsy

141 diarrhea and zinc

by devoncat

142 acne from steroids

by devoncat

147 nausea

by devoncat

148 Fatigue

by laker

149 Ok, lets talk about my bum

by devoncat

150 Mom's arms and legs

by Lwilson