1 Quote from John Wayne

by Iowagirl

2 The percentages and hope

by Iowagirl

4 I Saw This Today

by Lainy

5 Good Fortune

by hercules

6 Thanks

by Scheitrumc

8 What are Stars?

by Lainy


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10 Laugh at Cancer

by kris00j

12 10 Things Not To Say ...

by Lalupes

13 So very true...

by randigb

14 my thought,kinda cute

by LynnD

16 Amazing Caregivers!

by angiem

17 good morning family

by LynnD

18 inspiring article

by holly22a

19 Merry Christmas

by sharonlee

20 I am grateful

by Maria

21 So many blessings!!!!!

by sdcarlson89

22 so thankfull

by LynnD

23 An anniversary (of sorts)

by mparsons

26 God is listening

by pak001

28 A sign from my mother....

by ronidinkes

29 Good story

by CM