91 "senior member"

by Nancy246

92 Inspirational poem for you guys

by GracefulMeadow86

93 To Lainy

by Just_Jill

95 spelling bee

by tiapatty

96 prayer full of hope

by libby

97 Mum i love you

by mamamia

98 God's power

by libby

99 Have you noticed?

by marions

100 Thought for the day....

by Harmony

101 Cool is when....

by scarman2009

102 Thought for the day!

by ronidinkes

103 Anxious...

by Tlsinftl

105 Prayer for the Day

by Bazel

106 Love the Autumn Tree

by Andie

107 Had not thought of that

by marions

108 tee shirt inscription

by 32coupe

109 my poem

by ronidinkes

110 Oh so true

by marions

112 There is hope...

by Louise

113 Can't argue with this

by marions

114 So very fitting

by marions

118 quote from my surgeon

by devoncat

119 hope

by devoncat