152 Fluid removed from Abdomen

by Stella1960

153 IMRT and CA 19-9 question

by kvolland

154 Decisions, Decisions

by snnle

155 percutaneous drain

by dboms

156 Update on my husband

by shel15

157 Second opinions

by mabsmith

159 Not So Good News Today

by Lainy    Pages 1 2

160 Sad News

by lisacraine

161 chemo reduction of 20 percent

by juliebinger

163 Looking up for IMRT!

by kvolland

167 Scan done..now the wait

by Stella1960

168 port a cath

by Pattimelt

171 CC with mets to Pancreas

by minnie305

172 Neuro Update

by Lainy

173 Nausea after stent placement?

by kingston2708

175 Haven't been here for awhile

by Pattimelt

176 swelling below waist

by minnie305

177 Haven't been here for awhile

by Pattimelt

179 Side Effects of Gem/Cis

by mcwgoat