2,581 Update re: mom's cc progression

by BostonDogMom

2,582 ERCP Monday

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2,583 I need some suggestions please.

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2,584 Anti-anxiety meds

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2,586 The color of urine

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2,587 Cholangitis

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2,588 My mom was just diagnosed with CC

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2,590 tarceva

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2,591 ascites

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2,592 Update

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2,593 changing the stents!!

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2,594 Babies, babies everywhere

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2,595 From Sophie

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2,596 PET vs MRI ?

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2,598 Moms first Chemo treatment

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2,600 Help!

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2,601 need u

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2,602 Scan coming up next week...

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2,603 I am back (again)

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2,604 happy new year

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2,605 Worst case....help!

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2,607 my twin sister and CC mets

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2,608 Decision Made FINALLY!

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2,610 Update on Mum-Confused

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