2,851 John is in hospital

by fairydrop

2,852 new to board

by Mr J

2,853 unoperable klatskin tumor

by Belle

2,854 New to this site.. my case

by godzgud

2,855 just got home from the hospital

by allicat859

2,857 Lymph node puncture test

by devoncat

2,859 Back to the hospital!

by Chrissy23

2,860 Very Sad News

by Amilcar

2,862 Lung mets and other issues

by michele

2,865 Living with Stage IV

by MallieG

2,866 CT scan contrast

by Chris

2,868 But how do you feel?

by thecdr

2,869 why remove the biliary stent?

by acountrygirltoo

2,871 2008

by Karen

2,872 Elevated liver enzymes

by glightfoot

2,873 Update on John

by fairydrop

2,877 Update on John

by fairydrop

2,878 More bad news for me

by devoncat

2,880 Re-Occuring Tumor

by pmgdlight