2,941 Lymph node puncture test

by devoncat

2,943 Back to the hospital!

by Chrissy23

2,944 Very Sad News

by Amilcar

2,946 Lung mets and other issues

by michele

2,949 Living with Stage IV

by MallieG

2,950 CT scan contrast

by Chris

2,952 But how do you feel?

by thecdr

2,953 why remove the biliary stent?

by acountrygirltoo

2,955 2008

by Karen

2,956 Elevated liver enzymes

by glightfoot

2,957 Update on John

by fairydrop

2,961 Update on John

by fairydrop

2,962 More bad news for me

by devoncat

2,964 Re-Occuring Tumor

by pmgdlight

2,965 My 1 year anniversary

by LaineyA

2,966 Newly Diagnosed

by Janecw

2,967 Update from Ron Smith

by Ron Smith

2,969 Update on my dad!

by myfather'sdaughter

2,970 No Treatment?

by myfather'sdaughter