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After a Whipple (2011), chemoradiation, gem/cis regimen, metastatic recurrence to lungs and questionable (probable) on liver, another regimen of oxaliplatin, ca19-9 rising from 300 1 year ago to 3140 on April 8th, we were told my husband is in line for palliative care only, no cure, look for clinical trials.  We found Dr. Raymond Chang in NYC who, I think, is quite a man.  He has many, many metastatic success stories. We also went to Germany for New Castle and dendritic cells.  Jon's cellular breakdown shows high concentration of NK cells, which makes for good prognosis. Suppressor cells are out of whack, big time.  That's our target.  In one Monty's time, on off label treatments, his marker dropped to 1688. Both doctors do not feel this is just a fluctuation; they think the treatments are at work.  It's expensive.  Jon is extremely fatigued, no appetite, some pain issues. But we feel very hopeful right now.  Doctors have told us to feel optimistic.  Our doc in Germany showed us a lung ca case...stage iv with poor prognosis of about 4 weeks.  After just 8 weeks of dendritic/treatments, he is cancer free.  Dr. Chang also shared similar situations.  They have presented at conferences.  All medicines are backed with published evidence-based research. Jon also takes low dose chemo.  Anxious for CT in 8 weeks.  For those ready to break from conventional chemo that really doesn't cure, and can afford costly treatment, I wholeheartedly recommend you take a look.  "Beyond the Magic Bullet" is a great starting point. Research dendritic cells. I just want to encourage you; wish we had pursued these treatments sooner.

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One month.  Not one Monty.  My goodness.

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Wow! You and your husband are quite the pair of warriors, I admire you both so much. Very interesting and want to see what others think about this therapy. Are they giving him something for his pain? I am sending you my very best wishes and please keep us posted on his progress.


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Hi, everyone,
Just for information purpose only.
TIL clinical trial at NIH  is using the similar but not identical   immunology  approach to treat solid tumors( ie:CCA) . It  is worthy to take a look if anyone wants to go with immunology as treatment option. And I think it is free if you are qualify.
God bless.

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Some links for those wanting to read more.

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Hi LDittmar~ 

This is, indeed, very exciting.  I am pretty sure that immunotherapy will be the way of the future.  I am still on 2nd line chemo (FOLFIRI), but I'm seriously researching the dendritic cell vaccine and viruses.  Did they need to use cryopreserved tumor samples?  Some docs do it only with fresh tumor, while others use another method.

I've been in contact with Dr. Gustavo Moviglia in Buenos Aires, who has been doing similar work, but without the virus.  He met with me in person in NYC -- quite an impressive and kind man.  I am considering his treatment, but prefer to learn more before heading to So America.  I also prefer to find docs in the US.

Raymond Chang was also recommended to me, but I wanted to get some patient reviews before spending $875 for a one-hour consult. 

I will be following your posts.  I wish you (and all of us) the best of luck!