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Topic: Back pain and nausea

Does anyone else get extreme back pain on the left side? I don't know what's causing it. The docs just keep changing my meds. Also extreme nausea to the point that I have to force myself to throw up to feel better. Or I just throw up on my own emerg just send me home or change my pills. I'm down to 82lbs I'm afraid to eat it wakes me up in my sleep I have to constantly spit causes I feel to throw up but I have no food in me to throw up. I'm so tired of feeling sick. I don't eat I can't sleep and all I do is cry cause it hurts so much. I'm afraid. I was in the hospital a week and they just sent me home. I've had to cancel two planned trips. They are changing me to taxol. I had to stop chemo two months and I'm still sick so it's not the chemo. I'm so frustrated. Sorry I know I should be gratefull but it hurts and they make me feel like I'm making it up. Saying im ot taking my meds right. I feel like a junkie

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Hi, just wondering, but have they done a ct scan or pet scan lately?
Maybe you should try a second opinion.
My husband gets lower back pain but not to the point where it makes him sick.
Best wishes. I really would demand some tests being ran.

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LostSoul.....most likely the pain you are referring to is referred pain, and it is related to your disease.  Please don't feel like a junkie because, your pain is real and it has to be controlled; the nausea and vomiting as well.  LostSoul, is it possible to make an appointment with your tending physician?  You need to be seen and your medical issues need to be addressed.  Don't hold back.  You have the right to be heard and  be treated with respect and dignity.  Please, keep us informed. Who is tending to you while at home?


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Dear Lost but with a lot of soul! I am hurting for you, you really need to be seen even if it means another opinion. There is absolutely no way to be suffering the way you are. Sorry, I forgot where you are being treated. You have rights, demand them! I sure hope they can help you quickly! Please let us know what happens, we truly care.

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Dear Lost,

I am very sorry to hear what you are going through right now. And you have absolutely nothing at all to apologise to us for. You are not a junkie either and what you are experiencing right now needs to be sorted out. No one should have to suffer as you are and you certainly should not be made to feel like you are making anything up either.

Can you speak with the person who is responsible outright for your care? Whether that is your onc or someone else and explain everything to them that has been happening and certainly tell them how the ER team have made you feel. And certainly tell your onc that they say you are not taking your meds right. If someone told me that I would be raging to say the least.

I so hope that you can get some help here asap and get this sorted as you should not be going through this at all. Please let us know as well how things go.



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All my tests come back showing nothing. The ct scan showed very slight increasing but they are calling it stable and changing my chemo to taxol. I never heard of taxol for bile duct cancer. Apparently I'm gonna lose my eyebrows. sad I've just been so depressed so I had to take anti depressants. They work but wear off in the night and its so painfull I have to bring my pills everywhere. Sometimes I don't even get out of bed. We did a endoscopy so I'm waiting for results. But I know most of it is probably the cancer itself and not much can be done sometimes. Just have to get used to it I guess. We will see what the results say.

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My husband also has severe back pain in the lower left side.  To be 27 and have all this suffering is hard to understand.  Please don't feel that this is from anything you have done.  If alcohol causes this, I'd have died at 22!  Jesus said that Heaven is better than anything anyone has ever seen or heard in this life and that 'My Father's house has many rooms'.
I think you're going to get a really good room... just don't get lost.