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Well, after complaining of shortness of breath which continued for quite a few days, My Doc ordered a CT pulmonary angiogram "just to be safe".  My pulse ox was in the high nineties (breathing hard wil do that) and my lungs were clear.  Despite that I have, in the words of the pulmonary guy, a pretty impressive Scan, with many clots in both lungs.  Then today I was dopplered and found to have a DVT.  yippee skippee.  So, in the hospital on heparin drip, oxygen and started on Coumadin.  remember that song Happy happy joy joy?  and I do mean that facetiously!

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Are you in the hospital right now?  You are in my thoughts and prayers!  Big hugs - I hope you get out of there quickly.

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I was just going to post about my husband's pulmonary embollisms to see if anyone else had gone through this. My husban'd's CC was discovered in Feb from a ct scan when he was short of breath. Today 8 months later we are still dealing with them, a couple of emergency hospitalizations as everyone panics when they see the size and number of clots that have been developing despite Lovenox 2 X a day at over max doses. The clots are thrown by the liver which has been embolized 3 times trying to deal with CC. As if it wasn't enough to deal with the disease, this is another major worry. You may be able to contain the clot action with just Coumadin, if not, you can always go to Lovenox. We are looking into clot busters too. Anyone else out there dealing with this?