Topic: Please Say A Prayer for Firefighters

A very SAD day for Arizona. 19 Firefighters of an elite group of 20 gave their lives. As they were entering an area where only they had the expertise, (they were called the Green Beret of Firefighters) the wind changed and they got blocked in, used their special fire blocking equipment but never had a chance. All in their 20's. Not a newscaster, not a Firefighter not a Politician has been able to speak without crying. There was a special transport like some kind of morbid parade to take each body to Phoenix to the Medical examiner. It was a 2 hour trip and along the way all cars stopped and people in this torrid heat, got out to show their respect. Others driving all over Phoenix drove with their headlights on. God Bless each and every Firefighter and their families! I always thank Soldiers when I see then I will now add a big thank you when I see a Firefighter.

My 21 yr. old Granddaughter went to Israel 2 years ago and rockets were falling, she returned from S. Africa a month ago where she is pictured cuddling any imaginable animal and went sky diving, also helped remodel an old schoolhouse. Comes home and is now a counselor at a summer camp less than 30 miles from this latest fire near Prescott. Had to come home to see this tragedy? As of late last night there was no containment yet.


Re: Please Say A Prayer for Firefighters

Saw this on the news here yesterday Lainy, very very sad indeed and my thoughts go out to all of their families. I hope that these fires arn't getting any closer to you or your family, sounds like they are far too close as it is.

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