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Topic: TIL immunotherapy in the last 13 months



http://www.rsna.org/uploadedFiles/RSNA/ … y_2012.pdf

The above link describes in general what IRE procedure, it iwas about one year old(7/2012).
The first link is more technical but in detail and is very up to date (this June?)

And the only one cholangiocarcinoma case mentioned may be belonging to one of our member.
If you read though the entire article, it sure is very promising in the future for us. And I think if everything goes as planned, it will be my choice for the next and 4 th recurrence of this disease if I am qualify for the trial. I think chemotherapy or targeted agent therapy actually decrease our immunity and the side effects are intorable. I will seriously consider to avoid them if I can.
There is still hope for this cancer and by the Grace of God, I hope I can report to you when the opportunity comes.

God bless

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