Topic: Something Different - My Papa

As our 19th Anniversary is approaching (July 17th) I am feeling very nostalgic and came upon this poem my Granddaughter wrote about 6 months after Teddy passed. Thought you might enjoy it, she was 18.


My papa was old, wrinkly, and short.
His age made him the wise kind of sort.
His stature was perfect for making a fort.                                           
His wrinkles were from smiling so much,
My Papa was kind, gentle to the touch.

Papa told us to soar for the moon.
He’d show us the stars and be back by high noon.
He’d tell us to jump, imagine, run wild and free.
No one was better at this game than he.

Our tummies would hurt from all of the laughing and prancing.
Rumbling tummies, Grandma would cook lunch without glancing.
Papa would steal her hand and around the kitchen start dancing.
They twirled and spun with such smiles on their face,
He’d yell “my two favorite ladies are here” Then he’d ask me to take her place.

When we played too rough or I had a bad day,
My papa would always be there to say,
“Young lady cheer up! Your too pretty to be gray!”
Then he’d whisk me up in his arms and sing me a tune,
Tomorrow will be better and tomorrow is soon!

When I grew up, he said, I could be anything I wanted,
Astronaut, Jazz player, or a Princess he taunted.
I’ve been everything and everywhere all over! He flaunted!
I said I don’t know, and he said I’ve got time.
It might be hard, but if you love what you do it’ll be worth the climb!

He’d give the best hugs, squeezing just right,
I’d hate goodbyes, I’d put up a fight,
Papa is my hero, my shining blue knight.
He’d give me a wink and a kiss on the cheek,
I’d miss him times a million and two so-to-speak.

After the day was done they’d walk me out to the lawn,
I’d drive away and wave until they were gone.
I’d be thinking about our adventures until dawn.
Papa always knew exactly how to show love,
That’s the man I think the world of!