Topic: Imaging 'promises pinpoint cancer treatment'

Imaging 'promises pinpoint cancer treatment'

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Re: Imaging 'promises pinpoint cancer treatment'

Hi, everyone
Interventional radiology among other radiation  advancement, I am one of the proof .three weeks ago, I was told my 3 rd recurrence of CC is unresectable, well you know what kind of sinking feelings you have at that time.
But I got a consult and the doctor say yes, it can be remove my 2tumoror with microwave ,I got 2more consult on the lymph node and got three opinion, so, I had two chemo for the two liver tumor< 2cm each,PEI for the lymph node and will redo it in a couple for sure. Yesterday, I spent a couple hour for the RFA and go home this noon.
Seeking  knowledge is the key but sometime when
He calls, you have to go.
God bless.

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Re: Imaging 'promises pinpoint cancer treatment'

Percy, wonderful news but please don't appear in my Microwave. Yes, we all have our destiny in time BUT never give up hope before that time. I know you are not going anywhere as we have a party to plan! But please do rest up for your next round.