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Re: new to site and hoping for some answers

when I took my boyfriend to the doctor on Friday due to severe problems with pain management we were told by the GP that the PET scan had been cancelled. GP only got this information because he tried to find out for us when this scan was going to happen, so much about information supplied by the cancer team in the hospital. Even with the GP communication seems only to happen when the GP puts pressure on.
Obviously the findings from the scintigraphy and the additional thorax x-ray have confirmed the met on the rib. (Whether the PET has been cancelled due to this or due to the costs which the NHS might not be happy with I don't know, but there is one small good thing to it: he doesn't have to go through another investigative procedure and additional waiting time.)
The report letter doesn't say anything about soft tissue involvement so far, but the local swelling which has multiplied in size within the last two months indicates just that.
Additionally the incisional hernia starts to cause problems. This was going to be fixed by surgery on short term but I think this might have to be postponed for the time being to get other treatments started.
Now we are waiting for the MDT to get back to the GP with information about what therapies they suggest. I just hope we finally get more background information to decide which treatment does make sense. I'd rather prefer cyber knife technique (if it is possible in his case) than systemic chemotherapy which seems to cause panic in him when only mentioned.

He was absolutely devastated due to the news because until we went to see the GP he was still hoping it might be something more trivial like an infection.

The only good news for the moment is that the new painkillers the GP put him on seem to work without all the side effects the other ones caused. So although he is not pain-free the vicious circle of having unbearable constant pain seems to be broken through.

Re: new to site and hoping for some answers


won't be before another week is over until the MDT meets again, until then no further information.

But my thoughts are going round in circles which brings me to perhaps strange ideas:
is it possible (theoretically) that the bone met (possibly also the nodules in the lung where we still don't know whether they are malignant, could be benign and not be associated with the CC) we have to deal with was surgery-induced?
Just from a logical point of view: the CC was caught early (more or less by coincidence and before showing any symptoms) and therefore resection was possible. Bone met didn't show up on earlier follow-up scans.
Can it be that the surgery contributed to single cancer cells being detached from the original site and swept away to form distant metastases?

If this was theoretically possible would then adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery perhaps have been the correct approach to prevent (or at least minimize the risk of) forming of metastases?

As far as I have read through many posts here it seems to be the usual approach in the US to offer (systemic) chemotherapy after surgery/resection (I wonder why). This is not the case in UK. Survival rates in UK are poorer when starting to compare statistics.

Does anybody have any suggestions?