Topic: cabozantinib (Cometriq)

My lovely secondary doc at MGH, Eunice Kwak, recently recommended a trial that would be opening up there soon for cabozantinib.  It has remarkable success in other GI cancers and some preliminary success in ICC.  I just discovered that it's available and covered by my insurance!  My excellent Columbia/Pres doc is willing to prescribe it.  Has anyone had any experience with this drug?

I have ICC recurrence post-resection three years ago, with multiple liver mets.  I have had six months success with Gem/Ox and little success with FOLFIRI.  I'm on nothing now awaiting enlistment in some trial, probably MEK/Pazotanib in HOuston (very inconvenient from NYC).  I'm getting nervous about the wait, so I'm considering this as a backup plan if the wait is too long.

Best wishes to you.