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Thinking of you and hoping the targeted chemo/HAI pump is gentler on Ron. It is frustrating to have side effects preventing the chemo. My sister had problems w gem Cis, tolerated Xeloda and now is having trouble keeping counts high enough to have Taxol. Glad to hear there's another option for getting the meds where they need to go. Best wishes to Ron in the new year!


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Re: Newly Diagnosed

Judy, sorry Ron is having such issues.
The surgery was pretty big when I had it done, but I had gallbladder out and lymph nodes, too. The treatment is easy... Empty out the pump and refill... It takes 5-10 min. If he gets Gemzar in addition, that will be the longest part. The steroids cause sleep and weight issues, but that's minor compared to other effects.
I hope he gets the surgery, it is successful, and he can have lots of FUDR treatments, as I believe it kicks tumor butt!
Please keep us informed. You may want to start a new thread in the General Discussion area.

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