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Topic: still missing you

This is the tribute my daughter read at her father's funeral. Even after 18 months it makes me weep.

I want to say thank you to my father for just a few of the things that he gave me:

Thank you for your humour
Thank you for your love of music
Thank you for your interest in people
And for your love of learning.

Thank you for dancing with me
Thank you for letting me sit on your shoulders
Thank you for arguing about politics on the way to school
And for letting me cut your hair.

Thank you for being so brave.

Thank you for working so hard
Thank you for being so proud of me

Re: still missing you

That was beautiful. I am sure your husband would have been very proud of your daughter.


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That is so beautiful - it made me cry, too. I wrote something similar for my mother's wake, but your daughter is truly a gifted writer and did it better. I also ended by saying that there is a void that will never be filled.

With the holidays approaching, it all gets so much worse, doesn't it? Thank you for sharing.


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Yesterday morning at 8:30AM my beautifull Angel, Lee entered into the next life after only a 4 1/2 month battle
with this cruel and insidious disease.  As any of us that have had to deal with the grim realities of this terrible
cancer know that the quality of life diminishes so dramatically once the tumors have progressed.  She was
alert, caring toward those who loved her and positive right up to her last breath.  She never showed anger
or resentment about her situation, didn't expect pity and was cognizant of everyone's feelings as she
gave a masterfull discourse on courage, class, and dignity.
I will miss her beauty, style and elegance. She had been an accomplished dancer so the subtle grace of her
every movement will be forever etched in my mind.
There will be a memorial service for her tomorrow where she will be laid out on the farm she loved in a meadow
with a natural four poster bed that is being built as we speak.  This was her wish and it is a further testominal
to her natural spirit, whose purity couldn't help but be attractive to everyone that knew and loved her.
I don't know why God chose to bring her home now, but I do know that in the short time that I got to know
her and love her that now I have a greater understanding of what that heaven that she is in, looks and feels

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Dear leebythesea.... My heart felt condolences. The four poster bed in the meadow you can see the serenity just thinking about it.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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