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My father was told he was not a canadate for Theresphere due to the amount of veins - arteries leaving the liver ( Mayo M.N. ) . I guess these radioative spheres just float on thru to the lungs etc.. and due more damage to the other organs.
Has anyone heard of a doctor plugging or blocking these extra exits from the liver? The reason I ask is if not all people have the extra veins leaving the liver then why can't they be plugged to prevent the spheres from lodging other places?




Re: Therasphere - too many veins / arteries

Hi Tom,

In using Sir-spheres, the doctor does plug up the exits to some other places like the stomach and intestines.  But for some reason,  the amount that goes to the lungs has to be under a certain percentage as they are not able to plug those up.


Re: Therasphere - too many veins / arteries

Thanks G

The lungs is what disqualified my dad.
My dad had chemoembo. and it ruined his lungs anyway. Never was the same after that.

Thank you.


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The radiologist said they use little blocking devices which look like slinkies (which is why I go head over heels when I go down steps!)

All whimsical statements aside, I assume the slinkies worked.  I had the SIRS Spheres one year ago and the tumors are still stable.