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Hi Everyone

I am very good at lurking around this wonderful supportive forum, and very bad at giving anything back.  So today, I am trying to make amends for that.

I am just celebrating three years since a good doctor here in the uk took his knife to my CC and so far, everything is great! smile

As a reminder, I did not have adjuvant chemo - not really the done thing here and didn't qualify for BILCAP.

I might start counting my success in months now, rather than days or weeks!

Thank you to everyone who posts - and hallo to all the other lurkers like me.

Helen x

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Congratulations!  What great news.  Your update brings hope to those of us who have had family members recently diagnosed.

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Yah Helen! I'm glad you came out of the shadows to give us this wonderful news!! I think you should start measuring by seasons! smile

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Dear Helen, such great news! By the way you DO give back just  by being here! Here is wishing for you to reach a point where measuring will stop as will all worries and just enjoy! Thank you for making this a great news day!


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WooHoo Helen - 3 years!  Awesome!

Wishing all God's blessings!

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Hi Helen,

I would like to congratulate you on three years!! What a precious gift. Here's to many, many more. Bless you.


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WooHoo! Three years is great! I would say count in years are to that point.


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That's fabulous. Woohoo for you. Start counting in seasons at least if you can't get to years just yet. Congrats!

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