Topic: Welcome Lorina fo our book.

Hey, everyone we have a new one for the Book! Lorina from California.
Andie (UK), Darla (WIS), Me, Mary Lloyd, Clare (Scotland), Kris J., Pamela K., Lanny, Lorina     =9.  Yeah. I would LOVE at least 10 more.
Lorina came up with a great idea to add to your introduction anything from the transition that would also should touch from the beyond. Like when Teddy was greeting his Mother! Shaping up nicely I am so excited. When your Chapter is done you can  mail or e mail it to me. Thanks too much.


Re: Welcome Lorina fo our book.

Lainy, just to be clear. Many of you are going to write about receiving signs from your loved ones after they transitioned.
My story is about receiving signs when making decisions about my care. So it going to be a varied book. Just in case anyone missed the original post.

I haven't started writing yet, but mine has to start 7 months prior to discovery when I woke up one morning with the strongest urge to go to church. So I found one to attend. I was NOT a churchgoer. I became friends with other members... Then, 7 months later, a mass was discovered. 2 months more and I was relying on my new friends for some much needed support and help!

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