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Topic: Echinacea for boosting immune system?

My mother has just been diagnosed with bile duct cancer, and chemo (Gem/Cis) has begun.

Many years ago, she used echinacea to boost her immune system. Indeed, I have used it myself at times where I new my system would be taking a hammering due to lifestyle, stress etc. It worked wonders for us both.

I have been unable to find conclusive advice on whether or not it is advisable for someone undergoing chemo to take echinacea in order to bolster immune function.

  • What is the general advice on taking echinacea, and indeed any herbal product, for cholangiocarcinoma patients undergoing chemotherapy?

  • If you have your own experience of how echinacea has helped you or a loved one undergoing chemo, I would love to hear it.

Many thanks

Re: Echinacea for boosting immune system?

Evan -
I don't know how much actual research there has been done but I know someone will chime it on that. I honestly believe that it doesn't really hurt BUT always make sure that you ONC knows exactly what herbal or natural products she is taking as some of them can interact with the chemo and there are some that are a no-no to take with chemo and other medications. So before starting them ask you ONC if they are okay. Also certain herbals can cause things like lowered red blood cells which you don't need while doing chemo. Just ask.


Any advice given is based on my experiences and should not be substituted for any medical recommendations. Please speak with your provider before making any changes.

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Re: Echinacea for boosting immune system?

This link may help a little as far as scientific research and study is concern.

http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org/punbb … 924#p45924

As far as I am concern, if  really wants to, I will take them on the off week of the chemotherapy cycle.

God bless.

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