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I've been feeling not myself for the last six months or so -- nausea with every meal, back pain, fatigue. Went to the ER in July and was sent home with pain meds. The pain escalated, finally landing me back in the ER at the beginning of December thinking my gallbladder was infected. An ultrasound of my gallbladder revealed it was fine. The docs were ready to send me home with more pain meds when the radiologist took another look and said my liver didn't look right. I have a 6.5 cm tumor pushing out the side of my liver like a balloon. A biopsy revealed it was CC, and a PET scan did not show any other locations (yay!). I am scheduled for resection on Jan. 8 at University of Chicago, followed by chemo. I'm 43, with a husband and a 6-year-old son, and no family history of this type of cancer. My father has had colon cancer twice, and it killed both of his parents, so I've been diligent in getting my colonoscopies (have one coming up Tuesday). This CC snuck in and after reading so many grim prognoses, I am scared.

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Welcome Kingston to our extraordinary family and you have come to the right place but unfortunately we are sorry you had to join us. I know you must feel like you got hit with a bat in the stomach but the good news is you are going to have surgery! Yea! You are at a good hospital and everything sounds right.
I would take some time to 'steel' your mind as it will help you through. While it is a big surgery it is NOT life threatening like a heart surgery. We are a crazy lot here as we love words like surgery, resection, and stable. Questions? Ask away as you will get lots of advice and help. Wishing you a healthier New Year and I think you will feel better after you hear from some more family! Again, you go girl!


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Hi, Tara,

Don't be scare; I am a patient of this disease for 56 month now.

The link below may be of interest to you , and I have just updated my medical history this afternoon. … 800#p76800

God bless.

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Tara....the good news is that is has been found and that a resection is planned.  For all we know, this cancer is localized and that clear margins can be achieved.  You are young and don't appear to have any other health problems - all good signs for a successful recuperation.  Count on the great members of this site to help you along.  We are in this together, stand by you support you and all the way.  Tara, remember that this is your cancer - your diagnoses - and your body's response.  You will set the pace for recovery and your long term wellbeing.



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I posted a reply on your other thread.


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Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I know that I am blessed to be in early stages and that surgery is scheduled.

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Tara, Welcome and sorry you had to find us. I am glad surgery is an option. I will be a 5 year CC survivor in May. I was very lucky to be able to have a transplant. I am curious if that was an option discussed?? I have an amazing story to share and keep it posted on my web page under the telegraph link
Lots of prayers and HOPE-Cathy

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Welcome to our little group! As everyone else has said, you are at the right place for support and answers! I am so happy you got a good (in relative terms) diagnosis, tho! Resection or transplant are the only known cures, so you are one of the lucky ones!
Yes, it's a hard disease to have. But many of us have beaten it, or are living with it. With more and more hope monthly!
Turn "scared" into determination! It's what most of us try to do. Scared? Of course we are. But most of us are determined, and that beats scared every day of the week.
Good luck on the 8th! It's my brothers birthday, so it has to be a good day!

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