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My husband was diagnosed in November. it was found during what they thought was a simple gallbladder surgery and was mistaken for gallstones.
Since then he has been through ercp , lap. and on Nov 19 the Whipple procedure. Ct's and pet scans did not reveal the actual size of the tumor and during the surgery they found more than expected . Original prognosis was for curative but since then has changed. 10 Lymph nodes were removed 8 were positive. MY husband has had 3 strokes, 1 heart attack, diabetes and dementia. Open heart surgery to replace a aortic valve was done in may of 2012. Because of his physical and mental condition, chemo was out of the question according to the oncologist. They cannot seem to give me an answer as to his current prognosis so they will be doing another CT scan labs this month. I am his main caregiver and I work a full time job. We were blindsided
by this and it has really affected me more than some know. I just want answers that for some reason none can give .

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Oh, Dianna, I just answered the other post.


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So did I.  smile

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