Topic: PSC, ICC resection and liver transplant

Hello again.

Seems I have had PSC for quite sometime which was never picked up by my doctors during all these years. It's early stage-3 and I have an enlarged spleen indicating portal hypertension but the rest of the liver seems to be functioning very well.

The hunt is still on to get positive, clinically confirmation of my probable ICC ... previous biopsy results were negative. Given the new info on the long existing PSC, the MRI results seem to make more sense now and are probable correct.

My question is, given that the ICC in my right lobe prevents a liver transplant solution for the inevitable PSC problem, can a "curative" resection allow me to be reconsidered at a later date wrt the liver transplant?

Re: PSC, ICC resection and liver transplant

Hi, fntn,

please check the link below and especially the last paragraph. … 360#p84360

God bless.

Please know that my personal opinion is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If  provided, information are for educational purposes.Consult doctor is a MUST for changing of treatment plans.

Re: PSC, ICC resection and liver transplant

Thank you for the link.

I had seen that before but hoped that there was a sort of "pardon system" for PSC patients who had ICC but were showing no signs of recurrence. Certainly the chances of recurrences are very high and it's understandable that there is a reluctance to risk the LT.

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Re: PSC, ICC resection and liver transplant

I am a CC survivor due to 2 liver transplants. My hero is Dr. William Chapman at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis MO. Dr. Chapman is a very knowledgeable aggressive surgeon for CC, but he is not a risk taker giving false HOPE. I know he has changed several peoples diagnose, maybe not by a transplant but by resections. Dr. Chapman and I did a video for Barnes and you can watch it at  He is also very phone friendly and will act quickly as he knows time is not our friend. Dr. Chapman saved my life twice and is a doctor with so much heart and soul.
Lots of prayers for HOPE-Cathy