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Patience is obviously not a virtue here..... LOL! … t-1.262843

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Re: Hurry up!!!!

Patience is not a strong suit of mine either, but I probably couldn't get away with this behavior.  Animals can figure out how to manipulate us so well.

Not a medical Professional-  just someone who got caught up in this lousy disease.

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Re: Hurry up!!!!

I apologize in advance, but I can't resist.  Blame it on the lateness and finishing round 9 of chemo today (I seem to need several 5 minute catnaps while reading or watching TV afterwards, then I'm wired until 0600 the next morning.). I'll come to my senses tomorrow.

"Patients frequently lack patience."

"If I am a patient, why am I so impatient?"

"God, please grant me patience.  NOW!"

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