Topic: duration of chemo embo side effects?


Is 2 1/2 weeks enough time to recoup and get over fatigure of chemo embo?  We have a  family vacation scheduled the end of April with family members flying in to spend a week with my mother in FL.  We've asked, but the doctor says there is no need to move the treatment up a week. I've searched, but have found varying timelines that say she could feel poorly for 4 weeks.  Any real experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Re: duration of chemo embo side effects?

My mom faired well with the chemo embolizations.   She was in pain and slept a lot for 4-5 days right after but then started to bounce back.   She was fatigued but was still able to get out and do things.

Re: duration of chemo embo side effects?

Ideally, Mom will be over the fatigue and able to fully enjoy the trip and seeing everyone.  I thought the extra week would be a good idea, but will have to trust the doctor.  Thank you for the information- it does put my mind at ease.