Topic: Diagnosis of Cholangiocarcinoma?or Pancreatic cancer?

My father is 77 and was jaundiced and had an ERCP done with stent placed in bile duct 2 weeks ago. Dr. cannot do laproscopic biopsy and images are not seeing the pancreas well enough to determine if it is pancreatic or cholangio. MRI showed mets to hip/femur area, pelvis and sacrum. If full body scan done it would probably show more spots. He has very weak kidneys and heart disease so no chemo or surgery possible according to Drs. 3-6 mth. prognosis/Stage 4......My husband and I and our children are moving from out of state to live with him so he won't be alone.....sometimes I feel it could be his last day and sometimes he is doing better so I feel better but it is hard to deal with. I am praying for all of you and please do the same for us.....Thanks for listening!!!

Re: Diagnosis of Cholangiocarcinoma?or Pancreatic cancer?

Hi Rita... Prayers coming your way. I gave an opinion in the Experience Section.
God Bless ,
Jeff G.

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