Topic: My heart is breaking for a family I never met

Hi all, it's been a long time since I posted here. I do come back to see how ever one is doing or for new grief advice. My mom passed away with this dreadful disease back in 2011. Just this weekend a friend posted a picture of her co-workers darling 12 year old son who is battling this disease. My heart is breaking for them. I feel like I need to be doing something for them. Yes, I can donate to the organization that is collecting for them. And they are doing plenty of fund raisers that are close to me, so I can stop by.

Anyone with younger children any advice on what this 12 year old needs or might like?

Doctors all say this is a rare form of cancer that is for the do we all make a difference? This just isn't the case anymore. Pamela's daughter, Lauren,  was so young and vibrant. How can doctors just say this disease is a fluke and you've been dealt bad cards.

Sorry, for my rant, I'll go back to the reason for my post. Any suggestions on what to put together for a 12 year old boy would be greatly appreciated.