Topic: Urgent Need for Research Participants!

I just saw this on the Cholangiocarcinoma foundation home page:

Urgent Need for Research Participants!

This is a project that is trying to help narrow down the genetic causes of CC by looking at younger patients.

I wanted to post a notice on the forums, because I surf the forums a lot, but rarely look at the foundation home page.  I didn't see this notice, and this is research from my project team (Cholangio In The Young -- CITY)!  Moreover, my wife is under 50 and could contribute to the effort (so we are a target consumer of the bulletin)

In case others are also more focused on the forums, I wanted to bring this important bulletin to your attention.


Re: Urgent Need for Research Participants!

I had just turned 56 when diagnosed, which I still think of as young, but out of the range of the study. :-/

Impatient patient.

Re: Urgent Need for Research Participants!

Hi Lisa,

You can still contribute to the hepatobiliary registry.  That registry is much broader than just younger colangio patients. 

The CITY project plans on looking on the subset of people in the registry that are <50, but with a big enough registry, I hope many other research projects get off the ground.