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My dad is going in to get his port inserted.  He will start Oxaliplatin and 5-FU next week.

He is feeling really tired he says and nothing tastes good anymore.  He says he feels like he has the beginning of the flu every day.  I think he is ready to say no more.

Is there any suggestions for the tiredness or the flu-like feeling?  Any suggestions on food?

Re: Suggestions Please

Crissie -
The tiredness I think just goes along with the whole thing. This is pretty stressful on the body. If you aren't already giving him some, a couple of Tylenol may help with the flu-like feeling. We started giving my husband a couple in the morning and that seems to help.
Food is just tough. The bad taste for food is a really hard one to deal with all the way around. First off start by having him rinse his mouth with a non-alcohol mouthwash - Biotene makes one that increases the moisture in the mouth. Or you may try a little bit of salt water rinse, not too strong but there is a biofilm that can form and that may remove it which can help with the taste. Also using Biotene toothpaste formulated to remove the biofilm and keeping the mouth moist Using plastic utensils rather than metal can sometimes limit the metallic taste. Also red meats tend to increase the metallic taste so sometimes chicken or turkey is better. Using citrus based marinades may help too. In my husband's case it all just tastes "bad" so he eats just cause he has too.
Hope this helps.


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