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I posted last week asking about getting chemo while on vacation and I thank you for the responses! Now I have another question. My mom's oncologist is all for her going on a trip and said that if she needed to miss a chemo session in order to extend the trip that is possible.

How do you feel about this? To me, it seems detrimental to miss a session, but I don't know. Any advice is truly welcome! Thank you!


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Missing it completely or just rescheduling it on a different than normal day?  Twice, my "regular" chemo day had to be moved because either I or my oncologist was out of town. Plus, we had to do some shuffling around of days (moving one session a week) over the holidays. I didn't feel like I skipped any sessions, though.

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Re: Missing a chemo treatment

Hi Meghan, I went on vacation in December and I missed a treatment.  I have also missed treatments due to having the flu and having low platelets, so my schedule has been rearranged quite a few times.  Of course this is a personal decision on your moms part as to what she wants to do.  But I say if your mom wants the extra time on the trip and feels good, go for it. My ONC has always been really flexible and understanding, and works around me not necessarily the other way around. smile

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Re: Missing a chemo treatment

As had been said, lots of treatments get moves around for a variety of reasons. My husband just missed a whole week of chemo and radiation due to a combination of factors.
It might be worth missing one to have a nice trip and a break from chemo.


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Re: Missing a chemo treatment

Thank you for the responses! I imagine her oncologist meant rescheduling it and not missing it entirely. The oncologist told this to my dad so I'll check with him. As long as it's not going to hurt her, this would be great to get her out of her element for a little bit. She's been house bound sine November and, as I'm sure a lot of you have experienced, has been battling a brutal winter back east. Thank you again!