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Hi All
It's been 2 weeks since my belovéd Peter was taken by this terrible disease. Today I am hurting deeply.  Up to now there has been so much going on - 4 months of the terrible illness with the last 2 days been worse that standing at his grave, house full of people, visitors, keeping his business on-going, answering emails and then the decision to clean out his clothing so that someone else can make use of it.  And now today..... I have mixed emotions of anger at the disease, at the medical world who dont seem very interested in this cancer, at myself for not been able to do more to help him in his suffering, and just generally that this happened so quickly and we had so little time to comprehend what was happening and no time to do anything more together before the cancer took control.
Thank you to all of you who offer advice, made suggestions and generally gave words of encourgaement.  This was much appreciated.
I have tried to read some posts on the discussion board, over the past 2 weeks.  But it hurts to read all the symptoms and suffering others are going through, which are so familiar and still raw in my memory.  And therefore I have decided to leave this group.  Should I feel stronger later, I will probably return and try to be an encouragement to others.  But for now, please forgive me... I do not want to have anything more to do with CC.

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Dearest Stella unfortunately what you are feeling is normal for what we have gone through and go through. It will be 'raw' for awhile and when you least expect it one day it will all be better and the good memories you do have will push out the bad ones of Peter's journey. We totally understand how you feel and if at anytime you feel up to it remember we are here for you. Sending you lots of love and hugs!

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There's nothing to forgive. Grief is a process and not an event. Everyone handles it differently. Do what you need to do for yourself. We're here for support if you need it.


Impatient patient.

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All your emotions are normal. I am so sorry for your pain and loss. Cherish your memories. Sending hugs and prayers.

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Dear Stella,

I totally understand how you are feeling.  I went through much the same thing as you.  My husband died less than 2 months from the first time I had to take him into emergency and only 10 days after getting a definitive diagnosis. 
I found this site a few days after he passed and it was a life saver for me, although I do understand how you are feeling as some times it is still hard to read and respond to some posts.  Every one grieves in their own way at their own pace.  Please just remember that if and when you are ready, we are all here for you.  For now you need to do what you have to do to take care of yourself. 

Love & Hugs,

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