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Just wanted to update everyone that last week mom and I went to Sloan and she had her 1st scan since completing 6 months of chemo and happy to reply it was CLEAN!! She had 6 months of chemo (just gem) and did well thorough out the whole 6 months. My husband and I ran a 10k with her a few weeks ago and I must mention that she beat us both!! So we have the next 3 moths with no chemo and no cancer!! Hopefully many more to follow.

If it were not for finding posts on this forum by my dear friend Cathy and a man named Wayne Parsons we would of never found Dr. Chapman who ultimately saved my mother by preforming a resection that 5 doctors in our local area and 1 at a major cancer hospital in Boston said was impossible!

On June 19th 2012 my mother was diagnosed given a year to live with chemo less than a year with out.

2nd 3rd and many more opinions should be sought out when battling aggressive cancers....forget bedside manners! Many people frustrate me beyond words when they say "I LOVE  my Dr." And they gave me hope.... Listen hope is great....thankfully our doctors had no bedside manner in CT which is why we continued to search for other opinions. I am horrified to think what would of happened if they were super nice....I would never of been hard pressed to search further.

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Daisy, wonderful news!! YIPPEE I just love when any of you let me wake up this way. Enjoy your free 3 months and have a glorious summer, you all deserve it in so many ways!


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Big hugs for such great news. 

Iowa Girl,
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Wonderful news!! And amazing about the 10k!! WOW!!

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This is brilliant news about your mum Daisy, thanks so much for sharing it!!! As you can tell, we love hearing news like yours! That's great about the 10k that you all did as well and I hope that the good news continues for your mum! Enjoy!!

My best wishes to you and your mum,


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Thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us.  Darla

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That is so wonderful to hear!  Your Mom is amazing!


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Ms. Daisy, about time you posted your GREAT news!! Your mom is one amazing women, I don't know how you keep up!!
Keep inspiring and posting her good news  to give others HOPE!!