Topic: Low Dose Naltrexone

Has anyone had any experience with this?  My uncle is going to start taking it and I'm just curious about side effects, efficacy, etc.

I did a search on the site here where a couple of folks mentioned taking it but no details other than that.

Re: Low Dose Naltrexone

My husbandJoe started on low doseNaltrexone in July and there are no side effects at all. He is getting alternative therapy called Insulin PotentiationTherapy and the doctor that is doing it suggested lodose Naltrexone.  He said that of people with Stage 4 cancer who strt on Naltrexone the5 year survival rate is 50%  We thought that sounded good and it is only about $30/month.  It is supposed to boost your immunesystemwhile you sleep.  We will see.  Good luck  Mary Anne