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Hello, my mom was diagnosed about two months ago. She has a large mass on her liver and a non functioning gallbladder.  She got a severe infection a month ago and a tube to drain her gallbladder was done. Due to the size of her tumor and her weak heart, surgery is not an option.  She tried one round of chemotherapy two weeks ago but got extremely sick. Last week she talked to her oncologist and they agreed to stop the chemo. She started hospice this week.
Right now her medications are controlling her pain fairly well and she is able to do most of the things she wants to do. What I would like to know is what is the normal progression of this cancer? Will she slowly go down hill or could she suddenly get worse and be bed ridden? And no one will tell me how long she has left. I am assuming 6 months or less because they approved hospice care. Could it be less than that? I can't find anything or anyone who will tell me what happens now and what the end stage of this cancer will look like.  I need some honest and upfront answers, please. Thank you.

Re: progression questions

Dear Thorverson, I am so very sorry to read about your Mom. Truth is that they really cannot give a timeline for ending this awful journey. I am glad you got Hospice in right away, I thought they even come out up to a year, but at least you have the comfort that Mom is in good hands, besides yours, that is. When she starts declining she will sleep more and eat less which are pretty good 1st signs. I do have a list of the End Signs which can start out about 3 weeks before. My husband followed the list pretty closely. I can e mail them to you if you just want to be prepared. Send me an email through the site here and I will send them back to you. With Hospice there she will be kept in comfort and you will have the free time to just be her daughter.


Re: progression questions

My husband has been on hospice for over 14 months. You cannot assume it will be a year or six months. But, I will tell you they are a Godsend. I have thought many times it was getting close. He keeps hanging on. Our hospice nurse tells us everybody is different and be thankful for every day.